Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set

Brand: Wera Tools

Category: Tools | Part No 05051045001

Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set.
Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set.
Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set.
Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set.
Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set.
Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set.
Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set.
Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set.
Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set.
Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set.
Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set.
Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set.
Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set.
Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set.
Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set.
Hybrid Speed (Compact) - Set.
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Part No 05051045001

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Article description

Ratchet and screws in a Kraftform Kompakt format; including a Zyklop ratchet for incredibly high screwdriving speeds. Combines five different types of ratchet in one. Flywheel design and easy-to-grip, free-turning sleeve for fast working. Freely pivoting ratchet head; predefined locking at 0° and 90° to the left and right as well as 15° from 90° inwards; can be used as a conventional screwdriver in its 0° position. Simple push button release; left/right switchover, fine-toothing, small return angle of 5°. Multi-component Kraftform handle for low-fatigue working. 26-piece, in a pouch for belt attachment: 1 Zyklop ratchet with ¼” drive, 7 Zyklop sockets (metric), 1 Zyklop extension (long) with free-turning sleeve, 1 adaptor, 16 bits in a length of 50 mm.
  • Combines five different types of ratchet in one
  • Flywheel design and easy-to-grip free-turning sleeve for very high working speed
  • Can also be used as a screwdriver
  • Fine-toothing for small return angle
  • Pouch for belt attachment 


8000 A 1 x 1/4"x152.0   8784 A1  1 x 1/4" 37.0
8794 LA 1 x 1/4"x150.0   851/4 TZ PH 1 x PH 1x50
        1 x PH 2x50
        1 x PH 3x50
855/4 TZ PZ 1 x PZ 1x50   867/4 Z 1x TX 10x50
  1 x PZ 2x50     1x TX 15x50
        1x TX 20x50
        1x TX 25x50
        1x TX 27x50
        1x TX 30x50
800/4 Z 1 x 1.0x5.5x50   840/4 Z Hex Plus 1 x 3.0x50
        1 x 4.0x50
        1 x 5.0x50
        1 x 6.0x50
8790 HMA 1 x 5.5x23.0      
  1 x 6.0x23.0      
  1 x 7.0x23.0      
  1 x 8.0x23.0      
  1 x 10.0x23.0      
  1 x 12.0x23.0      
  1 x 13.0x23.0      


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