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Gear Ties Loopable Mega Reusable Rubber Twist Tie

Gear Ties Loopable Mega Reusable Rubber Twist Tie

Rs. 800.00

GearTie Loopable Mega Reusable Rubber Twist Tie:


The Loopable Mega offers all the cinching benefits of Loopable Gear Ties in a size large enough to cinch, secure, and hang industrial hoses, heavy-duty extension cords, air-compressor hoses, and more. The Loopable Mega is the most amazing hose-holding hose holder you'll ever use to hold hoses, but it's so much more than a hose holder.


With its strong, bendable wire interior and durable, ridged rubber exterior, our Gear Tie 32" Loopable Mega will grip, wrap, and secure most large items - like industrial hoses, heavy-duty extensions cords, and more - hundreds of times in hundreds of ways. The added feature of an integrated loop on one end allows you to thread the other end through it and pull to cinch and organize the largest loads, then twist around a handle or anchor point. Two or more Gear Ties can also be looped together to create a chain of any length - the configuration possibilities are as endless as the number of mega-sized things it will organize, hang, connect, attach, and carry for you.


  • 10mm diameter rubber shell + heavy duty bendable wire
  • Integrated loop end for convenient hanging and bundling
  • Tough rubber shell is waterproof and UV resistant for indoor and outdoor use
  • Strong wire inside holds its shape
  • Won't scratch or mark
  • Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 1.45in x 16.3in x .67in | 37mm x 414mm x 17mm
  • Weight: 3.45oz | 98g


        Brand: Nite Ize