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Screwdriver Micro Set - 12pc Universal Electronic

Screwdriver Micro Set - 12pc Universal Electronic

Rs. 6,095.00

Article description

Wera Micro screwdriver set for precision mechanical work. Rapid twisting results from fixing the hand on the head and using the fast-turning zone just below. This makes time-consuming grip adjustments unnecessary. Storage and transport in a robust belt pouch – so the tool is always at hand.
  • Anti-roll feature and swivel cap for rapid twisting
  • Kraftform Micro Handle for fast and ergonomics working
  • E.g. for electrician, optician, precision mechanics, jeweller, or IT hardware fitters
  • The refined screwdriver for electronics technicians 
  • Kraftform Micro Set in a robust pouch 
2050 PH Micro 1 x PH 00x60 1)   2067 TORX HF 1 x TX 5x40
  1 x PH 0x60 2)     1 x TX 6x40
2035 Micro 1 x 0.23x1.5x40   2054 Micro 1 x 0.9x40
  1 x 0.30x1.8x60     1 x 1.5x60
  1 x 0.40x2.0x60     1 x 2x60
  1 x 0.40x2.5x80      
  1 x 0.50x3.0x80