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Screwdriver Set + L-Keys - Assorted -SoftCase (100)

Screwdriver Set + L-Keys - Assorted -SoftCase (100)

Rs. 10,595.00

Article description

52-piece; in surface-protecting, compact textile box which is extremely robust. Low volume and weight for simplified mobility. Compact tool set with 52 screwdriving tools. 1 bit holder Rapidaptor with quick-release chuck; 1 B bit holder Rapidaptor with quick-release chuck for take-up in the power screwdriver or use in the chuck of the power drill; 30 BiTorsion bits with a length of 25 mm for long service life, tough-absorbing (BTZ), for universal use, extra hard (BTH), 12 Impaktor bits with a length of 50 mm for particularly demanding jobs, 8 L-keys with Hex-Plus profile (prevents the rounding of socket head screws) and hexagonal ballpoint on the long arm for working at angles; textile box that is very robust and durable; can be positioned upright for tidy storage on the workshop shelf; additional surface protection thanks to the outer textile material.
  • Robust surface-protecting, compact, textile box
  • Rapidaptor technology for rapid bit changing
  • BiTorsion bits in a length of 25mm for long service life 
  • Impaktor bits in a length of 50mm for particularly demanding jobs
  • L-keys with Hex-Plus profile (prevents the rounding of hexagon sockets screw)
813 R 1 x 1/4x90   889/4/1 K 1 x 1/4"x50
851/1 BTZ PH 2 x PH 1x25   851/4 IMP DC 2 x PH 2x50
  4 x PH 2x25     1 x PH 3x50
  2 x PH 3x25      
855/1 BTH PZ 2 x PZ 1x25   855/4 IMP DC 2 x PZ 2x50
  4 x PZ 2x25     1 x PZ 3x50
  2 x PZ 3x25      
867/1 TORX BTZ 2 x TX 10x25   867/4 IMP DC 1 x TX 25x50
  2 x TX 15x25     1 x TX 30x50
  3 x TX 20x25     1 x TX 40x50
  2 x TX 30x25      
  1 x TX 40x25      
800/1 BTZ 1 x 0.8x5.5x25   840/4 IMP DC 1 x 4.0x50
  1 x 1.0x5.5x25     1 x 5.0x50
        1 x 6.0x50
950 PKS 1 x 1.5x50 1)      
  1 x 2.0x56      
  1 x 2.5x63      
  1 x 3.0x71      
  1 x 4.0x80      
  1 x 5.0x90      
  1 x 6.0x100      
  1 x 8.0x112