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Electrical Connector - Posi Twist™

Electrical Connector - Posi Twist™

Rs. 590.00


Used for connecting multiple wires together ( no need to solder)

When in-line connections are not needed. Posi-Twist™ Connectors deliver the same superior connection as Posi-Lock® Connectors with a cost savings!

  1. Similar function to a screw-on wire connector 

You can use the bigger diameter Posi-Twist connectors to connect several wires together or multiple gauge wires.

  • No metal part
  • 100% Nylon 66
  • Resistance is 80% Less than crimp connectors
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Lesser chances of loose connection
  • Removable
  • Reusable

What to use? 

Blue Coloured

  • Part Number: ZB-PT1424B
  • Posi-Twist 14-24 Gauge

Grey Coloured

  • Part Number: ZB-PT2026G
  • Posi-Twist 20-26 Gauge