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Electrical Connector - Posi-Tap® (18ga)

Electrical Connector - Posi-Tap® (18ga)

Rs. 850.00

Electrical Connector - Posi-Tap®

Posi-Tap® connectors allows you to tap into wires without cutting!

  • Total wire integrity is maintained
  • Installs in seconds by hand - No crimping or tools required
  • Reusable or permanent
  • Less resistance
  • Vibration proof
  • Fully insulated
  • Powers up to 4 leads at once! 

POSI-TAP Connector meet or exceeds:

  • SAEJ1211 Section 3.2.3
  • Salt Spray Test Section 3.2.4 Immersion & Splash Test Section 3.2.5
  • Dust, Sand & Gravel Test Section 3.2.7 Mechanical Vibration Section 3.2.8 Mechanical Shock Section 3.2.1 Temperature Test

Types Available in 

  • Posi-Tap® Line Tap 18 ga
  • Accessory Lead: 18-24 ga
  1. Swivel Tapered Type
  2. Straight Mini Type 


    Posi-Tap Installation Instructions

    Note: Regular Posi-Lock Products install the same way as the small cap of the Posi-Tap. Click here to see how to install a regular Posi-Lock.

    Note: Larger Posi-Locks require 1/2" of stripped wire, and smaller ones require 3/8" of wire to be stripped. These photos show a Posi-Tap 1824, which requires 3/8" stripped on the tapping wire only. The tapped wire is not stripped.


    Here is a side view showing the point that pierces the wire for the tap. Remove this large cap and the smaller cap. Start by inserting fully the wire to be tapped as shown in the next photo below.

    Slide the large cap over the wire as far as it will go. Here, the wire to be tapped is inserted and ready to tap.

    Here the tap is started carefully onto the threads of the large cap. Make sure the pin is centred on the wire when the pin contacts the wire. Keep the Posi-Tap straight to do this.

    Continue to thread by hand until the wire is tightly tapped.

    Now, complete the Posi-Tap install, by stripping and installing the tapping wire, as shown below.